QUALITY Experience + Innovation

Our background has endorsed us as a well-known company which leads to quality hams with excellent meat selection, aging times and personal presentations.

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GOURMET Top Packaging

Different markets, different customers; different needs. We have adapted our great hams for each client. Bone-in Hams, Boneless Hams, Boneless Block Hams, Slicing packs. Just as you wish.

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NEWNESS Suitable Presentations

Just by applying a stick control on fresh hams, it is possible to make a perfect maturity process. Our quality department does its best in order to offer the highest quality hams. Then, our marketing department makes it good-looking for your client attention catching.

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  • 1.
    EXPERIENCE. Because more than 35 year into the meat field endorses us as expert knowers of the products, market and methods and control that must be followed at the time of working with meat references.
  • 2.
    QUALITY. Taldabura always tries to understand our clients' needs. Seeking for the products that better fit for them in terms of quality, price and packaging is a crucial duty for us.
  • 3.
    FLEXIBILITY. Once again and due to our background. We have realized that by giving a personal service, and by thinking like our customers, we contribute them with an "added value" which mark the different.


Take a look at our DIGITAL CATALOG. As Expert Producers, we offer a wide range of IBERIAN PRODUCTS, SERRANO ONES and BELLOTA HAMS and more; Cured, Dried and lightly smoked with fine woods, just Delicious.

Would you like to taste them? make a first order to convince yourself: info@taldabura.com

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