"Taldabura" - Quality Brand, better services -

Our company also TAKES CARE OF customers with much more add-value points:

- More than 40 years of experience.

- Certificate of Origin, SGS inspections and more (explained later)

- Our products are offered and served under the INCOTERM 2010: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF..;
1- Animal feeding, taking-care and proper weight.
2- Animal collecting. We normally send full loads of 350MT or 400MT. One ship, one client; Exclusivity
3- Export documents, customs papers and all requirement needed for each country (quarantine, health certificate, etc..)
4- national transport until port, Loading, and ship food and water
5- custom border formalities in Spain.
6- Freight, Insurance and Cost.
7- Special delivery insurance.
8- custom border docs for country of destination.

- Open-mind to create, boost and promote new packing lines for gourmet products. Also, we like hearing from our customers. We can talk and create exclusive brand, official distributors and foster new ideas.


All of our animals are certified by our Spanish Government. You can have NO doubt that all calves, lambs and any other kind of livestock has been grown in Spain into our special feedlots

Our experience and background endorses us as a reliable company. Since many years, a close cooperation with Spanish organizations, Veterinaries and Customs border inspections is a really positive point of us. We know what to do and how to do it on time in order to give the best service.

SGS external company inspection

We know the importance of being sure about animal weight and animal state.

All of our livestock deals are certified by an external private company; SGS. This will make you sure about everything you wish to know.
At the time of livestock loading, SGS comes to the port in order to fullfil all the requirements from our clients. Then, a certification of conformity is given to our customers. This, together with the B/L, health certificate, certificate of origin, Veterinary certificate and official invoice, will give the right of unloading and get the animals at their destination with all guarantees.


Spanish veterinaries that works specially for this kind of business, will check all the animals in order to make sure their healthy.

To export livestock abroad, we are forced to issue special certifications to be sure about all the health safety required by all the government. And, it is actually, our pleasure to show how strong and good-looking our animals are. You can be sure that livestock will arrive to your country with all health guarantee.