"Taldabura. la carne, natural" - Quality Brand -

Experience is a grade and we got it. More than 35 years in the meat market have taught us how to treat our clients, how to offer always the maximum service and how to listen to our customers and learn from them.

La Cecina (currently called Taldabura) is a company established in 1985. It is located in Leon, in the northwest of Spain. Its founder and actual president is "Jose Luis Alonso Vega", an excellent connoisseur on industrial meat atmosphere. And together this his son "Daniel Alonso" and current CEO of the company.
We are specialized in the sale and distribution of MEAT products, either ALIVE animals, fresh, frozen or manufactured. Our close cooperation since many years with the best and biggest meat companies, gives us the possibility of supplying to many different countries in the world, the best LIVESTOCK.

In addition, we prepare all the animals according to the market needs. Some animals are fed into special feedlots until they get the correct weight to be delivered. Feel free to call us and come over here to meet each other, visit all the facilities and have a nice talk.

"LegioBeef" -otro nivel-

"LEGIOBEEF", the real "cecina de León" produced in our province (Leon, Spain). This is a very special product made from selected cuts from hindquarters of cows and oxen, amazing maturity times and a personal smoked touch, makes this item a unique gourmet air-dried product just for the most picky palates.

If you wish to know more about this artisan and innovated product, you can surf our legiobeef website. A site dedicated just for LegioBeef where you can make your order for your delight: www.lacecina.com or www.legiobeef.com

"La Cecina" - Our BEginning -


Under the brand "La Cecina" & "Alonso Vega Comerciales", this company was founded back in 1980. Covered the demand for meat suppliers in the area, saw a need that should be filled by someone. It is then, when after many years in the industry, working for other companies (leaders currently in Spain), the current president Jose Luis Alonso, excellent knowledge of the meat world, Thought about La Cecina, company that started locally and fastly expand to the entire Spain and Europe zones.

Thanks to a complete dedication and hard work, this business has evolved and created the current trademark "Taldabura", which has seated its image as a reliable company synonym of quality, services and seriousness. And YES, with the same enthusiasm we had the first day.